Toner Pirates

Toner Pirates

Don’t let Supply Pirates plunder your profits! Also known as Toner Phoners, these slick, fly-by-night operators pose as Konica Representatives or as your office equipment supplier. They’ll catch you off guard on the phone and slyly gather information from you. They’ll coerce you into accepting supply shipments, promising you great deals, then rip you off with high prices and inferior supplies.

Poor quality supplies can cause problems with your copier, resulting in costly repairs and decreased productivity. Konica supplies are best for your Konica copier.

If you receive an unexpected call from an equipment supplier, remember these points:

  • Never commit to a supply order over the phone, no matter how tempting the price, or for fear that the “special offer” will expire.
  • Ask for a number to call them back. If they’re reputable, they’ll give it to you.
  • Never accept C.O.D. shipments without verifying quantity and quality. Even then, pay only by check.

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