Telemarketing Fraud

Telemarketing Caution – Office Supplies

OTTAWA, November 18, 2002
Press release from the Canadian Competition Bureau

The competition Bureau issued a warning today to businesses and not-for-profit organizations in both Canada and the United States to take caution before supplying information to telemarketers about their office equipment or about the individuals responsible for purchasing office supplies.

The Bureau receives hundreds of complaints from businesses and not-for-profit organizations across Canada and the United Sates about the deceptive telemarketing of office supplies, including toner products, supplies for credit card machines and business directories.

Complainants allege that telemarketers misrepresent themselves as the target customer’s regular supplier of office supplies.

Telemarketers allegedly make false or misleading statements about the nature of the product they are promoting and about the existence of previously authorized orders. Furthermore, they fail to disclose pertinent information such as the price of the product and terms and conditions of delivery.


  • Alert employees to the potential for office supply scams.
  • Ensure employees are aware of and follow purchasing policies.
  • Ask questions about the price and nature of the products promoted by telemarketers. Ask for the name of the company they represent.
  • Verify who ordered office supplies before authorizing payment of invoices from unknown suppliers.


  • Provide confidential information about the makes and models of your office equipment to unknown callers.
  • Add vendors to your accounts payable system until you have verified that they are legitimate suppliers for your business.

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