Here at Digital Business Solutions, we pride ourselves on making sure we are up front with our customers on the capabilities and limitations of what is in todays market place, finding the right solution for each individual customer. Since 1999 we have committed ourselves to customer satisfaction by providing businesses with outstanding quality products. When you look beyond our superior products, with over 60 years combined technical experience and over 30 years combined customer satisfaction with our experienced sales staff, you'll find a dedication to support and service that is unsurpassed in our industry.

  We carry and service the full line of Konica Minolta copiers, mid and high speed laser printers, network color printers, facsimile, multi-functional and print production products. And, with Konica Minolta's association with KIP America, we also offer wide format printers and scanners for all your printing needs.

   Digital Business Solutions Inc. is one of the fastest growing document providers in the area. Our rapid growth clearly reflects several key reasons why we are the right choice for your company:

1.) Our customers realize exceptional value from our family of Konica Minolta products.
2.)Our single server and open systems architecture approach provides a cost effective solution to your document needs.
3.) Not only can we provide your copying, printing, scanning, and fax needs. we are also you Unibind dealer to provide your sales department a cost effective and professional way to present information to your customers.
4.) We are also able to secure any disposed paper by providing a wide array of shredding possibilities.
5.) Digital Business Solutions Inc. has joined in selling software solutions such as Ecopy, scan path, and many more scanning solution systems to work with other database programs and software solutions currently in place
6.) Lastly, we are able to provide complete communication systems and networking solutions for your entire facility.

  Richard Piechocki, owner, has over 29 yrs experience working with and servicing Konica Minolta copiers and printers. He specializes in the newest technology networking options and is trained and certified in the digital line. He and his staff have the knowledge, ability, and commitment to match your organization with the perfect equipment package. The highly trained and experienced service department will ensure the equipment you need will always provide the service you expect.

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